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Sunday, July 26, 2009

NDP 2009 preview- from Swissotel

09Aug is Singapore's National Day. We tried to get some tickets for NDP 2009 but were unsuccessful.
Instead, Daddy book a room at Swissotel to view the fireworks. Although this is not Singapore's actual National day, we got more than we bargained for.
All the HarbourFrontView rooms come with a balcony, cool.

We saw all types of birds, ships, soldiers, and of course firework.
And we love Merlion.

Day 1 - View from 3956 . Daddy got wobbly legs from the heights.

Happy posing. The kids were happy, and they were modeling for the camera without any prompts.

Video :Red Lion falling, Kang hysterical :0

Gunboats on the prowl in Singapore River

Video : Coast Guard

Apaches.. HellFire

These buildings need no introduction. Kids shouted Durian, Durian.

The flag came very close.. Mari Kita .. Singapura.. Rasa

Video :Flag fly past

Video : Loud afterburners, Kang ran and hide, Wei exclaiming !!##%% .
Xin got a shock, and started crying :p
21 guns salute

Spectacular night scenes..and firework (Daddy really need a SLR)

Imagin F1 on these circuit

Aegis paper warship at Marina Bay

Video :Fireworks

Firework or Apache, does not interest Xin. She wearing mini Kimono?
Day 2 - Stroll to Merlion park early morning.

The air is fresh, and no cars on the roads.

Daddy told us about the Old satay club at Esplannade.

F1 route, Anderson bridge

Our hotel in the background.

Sands ..building in progress..Daddy tells us a RoofTop garden is coming.

Finally, after 20 minutes.. our Merlion.

Yawning and grouchy look,,try asking your kids to wake up at 0700 Sunday morning, and March 4Km hee hee.

How come Day 2 does not have Wen Xin pictures? This little buffalo was hiding in Mummy's sarong sling.
Let's go, breakfast is waiting.

Swiss Cafe or KopiTiam buffet? Yi does not mind.

Making Merry.

Marina barrage and Helix bridge in background.

Posing with Mei Mei

After checkout, we drove to Flyer. Daddy has never been here yet, but Mummy has brought the kids for her company dinner :(

The boys were amazed at the manicure fishes.

Daddy can only pose for Flyer pics, did not have chance to seat in a capsule.

A mini eco-garden at flyer ground floor.

Home sweet home..

Video : Scenic view
Video : Night scene

Daddy : We had our hesitations whether booking a room would be a wise idea. What if NDP stage is too far away, what if lower floors cannot view the spectacular fireworks? this and that.

Our worries were unfounded. The kids were showing off their firework encounters with their friends :p It is nice to be a visitor in your home country once in a blue moon.

We got our hotel stay tips from
This portal offers a lot of interesting tips for tourists.

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