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Friday, May 22, 2009

DoubleDecker Bus 87

Today, Daddy brought us to his leather workshop. We are changing our car seats. Daddy has promised us that we will be taking a doubleDecker bus home thereafter.
Wei will say "cool" (his new lingo).

However Daddy did not warn us that we have to topo to nearest bustop..under the hot sun :p

Wei and Kang road march...Hey, we have not had our lunch yet, and we are sleepy !!
Not to mention all the dusty road works haha. Industrial park in Ubi, no garden, no playground, No wonder we look listless..

Luckily, we have the occasional plane above, to rejuvenate us. Daddy was still snapping away with his camera.

Anyway, once our bus came, we quickly climb up tho the top, and chose the front row..Best view :) We forgot our weariness, and was pointing at all the landmarks along the journey..

Some questions which kept us engaged...

- help, we are hitting the tree branch.
- can we hit overhead bridge?
- why bus always so slow in bus lanes?
- look there, police, ambulance, tow-trucks..
- L-Plate, L-Plate everywhere in Ubi
- Look Daddy, on doubledeck, I can see
people swimming in the condo hee hee

Daddy's thoughts :
A simple bus ride, but the kids will see it from another perspective. Daddy cannot even remember when his bus ride was so full of "Excitement" !!
Daddy promise to bring the boys for more rides, and leave our car at home...

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