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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jacob Ballas Children's garden

We heard a lot about Jacob Ballas Garden. However we actually pop into Botanic garden first. Luckily, we saw the directional signs.

Along the way, we saw some Swans.

This Tree figurine was interesting, as it depicts children as branches. We also saw a lot of old folks who just finished their morning walk.

Daddy was playing hide and seek in this maze, and Kang was running very close to Wei, as he was worried about being left behind.

Kang :Who want to buy my Ka-Chiang puTeh?

Kids had fun learning about water, photosynthesis. They had more fun playing with the mist and looking at the durian glow.

We drop by the waterfall. Short respite from the merciless Sun.

We survive the suspension bridge (Kang begs to differ)

face was tense. He was afraid to let go of his hands, and froze whenever his brothers jumps and shakes the bridge.
Yi did not show any hesitation. (Hokkien phase --> little calf knows no tiger !!)

When the children saw this tree house, no need any instructions, their instinct took over !!

Wei and Kang was up the ladder and stairs in a jiffy.
..coming down through the slide was fast.. no inhibition.. just do it.

Daddy has to hug Yi up the house, as he was exclaiming and gesturing wildly below :p
Wei to Yi : look at Daddy camera.

Next stop, human evolution (homosapians transformation) hee hee

This garden is packed with fun at every corner. Wei will say "Cool".

Highlight of the day. Waterplay. What better way to cool down in this Hot weather? The kids were totally drenched, but nobody mind.

All the children making merry. Yi just has to follow his brothers.

Breakdancing brothers !!

Whenever Yi goes to the center, and water starts spurting again, he will run back to daddy. Act cute?

Video : Water and laughter

We were hungry after all the fun. Our mini picnic.

Yi drinking milk and sweating at the same time.

Will definitely come back again. We spent only 2 hours here, but the Sun and perspiration were overbearing . Botanic garden is hugh, and Daddy thought it was just a garden in Orchard. (Mountain tortoise)

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