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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Haw Par Villa - childhood memories

No more Dragon-entrance at gate...

$5 car park entrance.
Hell entrance, another $1/ pax

Monkey god - Sun Wu Kong

Titanic - Pacific version

Big Rabbit sweet (confirmed no melamine)

GuanYin neo(2) neo(2).. bless us with health.

Daddy : shall we have seafood?
Wei : pepper crab!!
Kang : butter crab !!

10 Courts of Hell ...Enter at your own risk..

worse treatment than Guantanamo Bay, cuba

More interesting articles -->

weather so hot.. Tiger car so fierce

Are we getting that Cornetto? Slurp

sadly, this once-scenic theme park has loss it's shine.
We went on a Sunday, but there was so few visitors (mostly China and Malaysia tourist)

Not sure why KingKong also stay here...

Video - brothers pushing strollers


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