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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LimChuKang.Kranji Farm trip2

We went sight-seeing at countryside. Fish excites us.

Goat farm was closed, but we can hear the Billys... "meh...meh.."

Frogs.. crocking.. "kuah..kuah.."

and some veggies...

Video - Yi runs, and saw Ball.

Why this little boy did not realise he can be fish-bait?
..even bigger Fish/Cats

Warning sign is self-explanatory.

More fish(Long Kang literally drain)....
$3 for 30 minute... Kids had fun. pOOr guppies...

**updated 2014Feb - Hausmann's longkang fish is no longer available

The fish farm -->
Video : boys catching fish

Time to pose...

Enjoyable but tiring. Best is Foc. Will go again.

**updated 28Apr2010 - do visit Qian Hu too



  1. which farm is this? any name and road name? thk

  2. hi, you can refer to -->
    Recommended---> Hausmann Fishfarm (for kids)

    Recommended -->


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