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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sunway Lagoon 2008

Drive up to Sunway Lagoon. As long as I rememeber, last trip was when Mummy/daddy still dating .
Wei : I am ready.

nice view from room

and baby Yi looks refresh

we borrow a doubledeck from Patrick tua-koo. Very convenient to move kids around, but too bulky to go up/down stairs !!

post dinner fun activities

Elephant and Dog-fight

Video - piggy rides..Yi also try to hitch a free ride..

We can see people skating

and reverse G-shock

day 2. Sunway lagoon is a big Big compound.

dry run before we go swimming on day 2.

Koala warming up?

the swing bridge

why Wei like V-sign so much?

Korean bbq dinner

day 3.

mini zoo

peacocks are free to roam..Wei and Kang enjoy tormenting them !!

Kang mocking the quail? naughty boy.

Video - Boys disturb Fowl

tram ride - round the lagoon

Portrait. The older boys are tired, but Yi is like energizer rabbit..on and on and on..

Kang : do not leave me behind

A lot of food variety, and vast shopping opportunities in Pyramid complex.
Although accommodation, and food/service prices are not exactly cheap.

What is more important is everyone enjoys themselves. We Did, and will come back again.

**updated 2010Nov - we visit Sunway with our fourth child

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