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Thursday, August 30, 2007

A'Farmosa Malacca

We drove up to Malacca A'Farmosa theme park.
It is a hugh compound, housing water theme park, Safari, mini-zoo, cowBoy towns.

Day 1 - Daily breakfast at CowBoy Town..

Kang : Daddy, what do I eat today? Menu A, B or C?

After b'fast, war games...

We went to the Safari. Place is crowded as went on Malaysia's National Day.

Tiger and crocodile are so far away, no wonder Wei does not feel the adrenalin.

SunBear eating on nuts

This is our Armoured carrier, across the African plains

Elephant show..

Who wants to seat on Jumbo?


Mini zoo..

This turkey looks gloss, disfigured.

In the afternoon, we drove into downtown Malacca for some shopping and sightseeing.
Dinner is the famous ChickenRice Balls. (taste so so to me)

Sastified trip. Can play, eat , run, got ice cream. But Mummy and Daddy tired running after them :)

Would prefer SunWay Lagoon over A'Farmosa anytime. The water theme park at A'Farmosa is not so well maintained.

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