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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year !

In a few hours, Chinese Lunar New Year will be upon us. Kids are eagerly anticipating 新年 as they can eat all sort of goodies, especially 肉干bak-kwa!

Angpow is a nice distraction for them haha.

Wen Wei and Wen Kang will be looking forward to munching on more goodies.

..while the two smaller ones will be challenging who gets more Angpow haha !

We had one round of steamboat Reunion dinner with 舅舅 yesterday...

..and 奶奶 is preparing our favourite braised duck tonight.

Boon Xin got us some orange decorations..

Earlier, the kids had fun at our local flower mart, and gladly pose for Daddy (they are in celebration mood already haha)

We will be visiting friends and relatives over the next few days.

Wen Yi will be our Orange boy, we taught him some "Auspicious" wishes,
but he still got some American slang :p

盛港宝宝祝大家身体安康 !
more CNY photos will be shared at our RED festive album :)

ps.. click to know more about 肉干 bak kwa



  1. happy chinese new yeaR!!


  2. Same to you Shii Teck, hope you having a superb New Year break in Malaysia too ! Huat Ah !


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