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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chinatown Singapore

Where do you go to get infected with Lunar New Year jibe?
Where do you go to squeeze with crowds, who are out shopping for CNY goodies, decorations and flowers? (not to forget the l-o-n-g bak kwa queues !)

Together with buddies, we head out to some vantage points around ChinaTown to spot the dragons.

As the day slowly dims away, we manage to catch some Blue moments with the Dragon in the foreground.

From the roofs, we spotted busy junctions, and both Singaporeans and Tourists soaking in the noise, buzz, and sweat ! It looks Fun and feels like Chinese New Year (新年) . Make some Noise !

At ground Zero, we squeeze into the thick of actions.

Angry bird balloons everywhere !

As 2012 is year of the Dragon (Chinese Zodiac), you see Dragons everywhere, Chinese believe Dragon is auspicious, and will bring fortune, and some say babies keke :)

** Please do not bring your strollers down to Smith Street, it will be suicidal :p
To catch more Dragon and Chinatown photos, do drop by our CNY Fanpage.

Talking about Dragon, Daddy was at Chingay Full dress rehearsal, and "" and "龙" features everywhere (Water Dragon). It is truly an amazing WET spectacle, stay tune for more updates.



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