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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New schools

2012 school reopens. You will see all parents blogging about their kids in new schools, how can we be different :p

Wen Kang is in Primary school PM class, alas he will not meet his bigger bro in Pri 3. By 2013, Nan Chiau will be single session, ie less logistic issues for us.

The two smaller ones are also in their new schools.
For this week, Mummy and Daddy have to look after the kids separately during orientation. Daddy brings Xin and Yi to pre-school, while Mummy brings Kang to Primary 1.

So far, our little girl is coping very well in school. She is playing, singing and eating a lot.

Meanwhile, Kang still refuse to share with us his school life. Well, at least he is not resisting the change of environment. We only notice he is very tired after school :p

Be Brave Kang and Xin, we will always support you !

When Yi joins his sis, more gossips will come your way.

Meanwhile, checkout what cute little Wen Xin is doing in school. She is going to school on her own already !


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