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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Coping in school

Last Thu, Yi joins Xin at their new preschool. However, Xin broke down crying once she realised Daddy cannot accompany her today. It took some effort from the teachers to calm her down.

On the other hand, Wen Yi was reluctant to leave Daddy, but he still followed teacher to his class. He is the new boy in the class, and we look forward to him making new friends.

Fortunately, everything is back to normal on Friday, we hope kids have finally settle down in their new school. New teachers, new friends, new environment, this is a BIG change for the kids.

Daddy had to hide in one corner to play paparazzi, to see how the kids go through their normal routine. School bus is something new for the kids too.

One thing is sure, kids will always be beaming when they spot Mummy waiting at our bustop. Back to their comfort zone again.



  1. Ha! My son used to go to the same pre-school as your daughter:)

  2. ok Danesa, if I need insider stories, will look for you :)


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