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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chingay on Water !

Preview of Chingay

When we think of Chingay, we think of parades, floats, performers marching down (maybe) Orchard road. What if we tell you Chingay will be cruising along a 360m waterway next to the pitstop at F1 pit building ! Expect lots of water, and you can get wet, from all the splashing! 水中妆艺 (literally Water Chingay) sounds spectacular ! , above F1 photo is from SingaporeGP website

Daddy was invited to a full dress rehearsal last sat. When you see the dragons pounding on the waterway, you know this will be THE Chingay to watch out for !

We got an overview for Chingay's itinerary, and were treated to the highlights of Chingay.The theme for Chingay 2012 is 世间有爱,处处温馨 (Love, care and Kindness Everywhere)

On the actual day, the parade will kick off with an All-Dragons segment. Dragons made of every material, imagination, and illumination will bring in 2012 (Dragon year) with a BIG bang !

One by one, the performers dance gracefully on the water track.

Who brought out the flame-thrower ! the Dragon and even 财神爷 (God of Fortune) breathes fire !

Team Singapore Flyer with their Chinese deities. We even spotted a four-men Dragonboat !

We have performers from China (together with our students) performing 踏歌 Ta-Ge (classical dance from the Han dynasty, 汉民族传统舞蹈). We heard this is the first time 踏歌 is performing on such a grand scale.

Singapore's Chingay has gone international, look at the participants from all over the world. Indians (from both International and Local) perform together in a Swan float :)

Japan contingent came in strong with Suki-yaki (Ue o Muite Arukō), a famous Japanese song. Their energy and fast-beat really got everyone pumped up ! Daddy wanted to jump in and perform too :)

Butterfly and other floats from NUS.

Sports in action, as these performers are very Active, we suggest you stand one step back (to stay dry) haha.

**One tip for our readers** If you see towels, blankets, paddles, taekwondo, and if you happen to be on the first row. Be prepared to get spills !

Be it Auntie or teenage performers, they will show no Mercy to spectators and photographers keke. Splash ! Daddy is blogging from the third row to keep dry :p

More contingents march past us, non-stop excitement ! Of course Star Wars and (oh so sexy) Tomb Raiders help ! We heard horses will be involved too wow.

Even the brides are invited to the party, as we dispatch zodiac Bunnies home (bye bye 2011)...

2012 is year of the Dragons, kids will go crazy over all the Dragon variations !

Performers are wet, but all still look so radiant.
~~ Kudos to Chingay performers, our Water Musical ! ~~

Read the blogs from our friends (HP, Jerome, Geng Hui and Kelvin)

During the finale, the participants will fill the waterway. Together, we will sing 爱让你看到.

Chingay will be held over two days, 03Feb at 8pm, and 04Feb at 8:30pm. Tickets are still available at Pricing starts from $25, and Passion card members will get additional 20% discount.

Do visit Chingay fanpage for latest updates, and do checkout the Floats too :)

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks MarinaBay for inviting SengkangBabies to Chingay rehearsal. It was an awesome night !

More Chingay photos are available at our fanpage.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Daddy love these songs played during Chingay Parade
Ue o Muite Arukō (I look up when I walk)

爱让你看到 (Love will make you see) is a beautiful song, which teaches us to feel and to love with our Heart. It originates from China, and was sang for the visually handicapped. Look closely at the photos above, you might spot Adelyn on one of the Floats (the girl from YOG who show us being blind is no handicap)


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