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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas and Birthday Parties for Wei and Yi

Angry Bird theme and presents are the rage in 2011 ! The kids got a sneekpeek of a little Green Pig :p

Anyway, our kids do not care if it is birthday or Christma party, as long as they get to party !

Our guests

.. and Yummy food :)

舅舅 Patrick with family.

Our beloved teachers ! We wanted to celebrate the kids' birthday with Teachers who have such a BIG influence on their growing up years :)

Our birthday Boys , Wen Wei 25thDec, and Wen Yi 27thDec.

Cutting cakes are more happening with more hands ! (Just standby extra tissue)

Video : Cut Cake Sing Song

We introduce the highlight of our party, a Angry Green Pig pinata! Wen Wei has saw Angry Bird Pinata at Auntie Phoebe's party, who kindly sponsor one green pig for us :)

Just fill the Pinata with sweets or KitKats "thanks Nestle :) "
Raise the Pinata high (Daddy is 1.8m), then pass the baton to kids.

After kids have warm up, Adults better stay clear from DAMAGE zone !

After 10mins, we decided to take matters into our own hands !

Thank you to all our friends for making this an enjoyable party.
Our kids truly had a blast !

Click for more cakes and Angry Birds photos at our album



  1. Such a great theme party to have! Angry Birds look like they are here to stay.

  2. Yes Susan, even the adults had a lot of fun watching or "avoiding" the kids' stick ! haha

  3. this looks like a marvelous party. you all are having a great fun. it is always a great fun to enjoy kids birthday parties.
    Clowns in Broward

  4. thanks for dropping by Justin, indeed, we had fun, both kids and adults :)

  5. Hi!can you please tell me where you got the angry green pig pinata? I'm organising an Angry Bird theme b'day party for my son and I cannot find any angry bird themed pinata! :( Thanks! Karen.

  6. Hi Karen, my friend diy the green pig for us :)

    If you intend to diy, let me know, and I will help you ask for the direct url link.



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