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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trip to Ang Mo Kio Wet Market

Every Sunday when we wake up, a sumptuous breakfast awaits us.
You have Nasi Lemak, Wanton Noodle, Roti Prata, and all sorts of kueh (pastries).

We are so pampered by 奶奶.

One day, Daddy ask the kids, where did our breakfast come from?
The next thing we know, Wei is tagging along with 奶奶 on her Market trip.

We reach Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 at around 7am. Normally, we can laze in bed on Sunday morning :p

The Wet market is buzzing with activities early in the morning.
Wet Market is where Singapore go to get their fresh food. Tourist are always curious about how Wet Markets and Hawker Centres have integrated into modern Singapore.

Leafy cabbage and bean sprouts.

Fish, steam or pan fried? Or simply fishball in soup?

Love the crispy duck, or shall we go for baby ribs?

Fruit stall, where is banana?

Look at the colourful photos above, Wet Market is an explosion of rich colours !
Red from Meat, Green from Veggies, White from Beans etc.

The buzz from the shoppers and stallholders is electrifying ! Everybody going about their business with a shopping list. 奶奶 must be pondering over her dinner menu.

**On to part two of our journey, Breakfast.

We are choosing our afternoon snack, maybe Marble cake?

Prata for breakfast?

..or our favourite Nasi Lemak at Blk 532?

Besides enjoying good food, our kids should also appreciate the effort and love which goes into food preparation. Every drop of rice, every strand of noodle means effort, and nobody should take it for granted.

If you like our Wet Market adventure, a trip to Jurong Fishery Port might be your cup of tea.
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As usual, more photos are available at Sengkang Babies' market.

. **2013Apr - updated Kopi photo #01-128 (and the sotong meehoon next door is also very delicious !)

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