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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

River Hongbao

We went to River Hongbao (春到河畔) on CNY eve.

Entrance, we managed to squeeze in one family photo despite the crowd :)

Maybe it has been raining, or everyone is at Chinatown, the crowd situation was not so bad.

As this Fortune God throws "gold" flecks, some people were seen inverting their umbrellas to collect !

All the Zodiac animals on parade

Some other exhibits at River Hongbao.

We did not have any opportunity to try the festive food, as the rain decided to play havoc on us that evening :p

One last shot, before the rain came down again. The crowd rushed for shelter.
This is a "wet" Chinese New Year :)

River Hongbao,will be running until 29Jan2012, for more updates and information, do drop by River Hongbao website. Or you can get more auspicious photos from SengkangBabies Album :p

Huat Ah !



  1. Happy lunar new year bro! I am going to visit soon!

  2. Happy Lunar NEw Yar HP, get more ang Bao :)
    If go River HongBao, don't let others see you take umbrella under Fortune-gold haha.


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