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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Myopia finds Wen Wei, and Mummy's job interview

The verdict is out,
Wen Wei is short sighted, and we have precribed his spectactles

Possible causes
- Is Myopia genetic?
- Too much TV, computer games or homework?
- Inadequate distance (60cm), or lighting?

Acivities to minimise (or delay) Myopia
We participate in many outdoor activities,
letting our kids see the Greens,
even our Blog is Green.

Unfortunately, Wei has become another myopia statistic.
We start asking ourselevs whether we could have done more.

In Singapore, the probability of children being myopic is very high :
- 30% starts wearing specs in their Primary schools
- then they reach age 18, 80% are myopic !!

More on myopia

Video : Meanwhile Wen Wei needs to interview Mummy about her career.

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