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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A father's love

There are countless ways for parents to
express their Love towards their kids.
We just need to expense some creativity and passion.

Our kids do not need expensive holidays or restaurants.
They just want our company.

Bonding - It is that Simple
Kids want us to listen to their stories, of school life, new friends, or new skills etc.
If an activity offers Bonding opportunity, engage the kids.
Be it a stroll in the park, a swim, a museum visit, or reading a storybook.

Yesterday's babies will become tomorrow's teenagers.
There is only one Childhood, and we try to mould a "Happy and Fun" one, for them.
Hopefully, kiddos' sweet childhood memories ( and not homeworks !!)
will follow them into adulthood.

In today's competitive environment, it is even more crucial to let our child
enjoy their childhood. We believe a happy childhood will
Anchor and Develop a kid's character positively.

Give and Take, expectations
There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for handling kids.
Every child is different, with varying needs, and characteristics.

Instead, we adapt and improve our parenting skills along the way.

Nowadays, parents need to reason or negotiate with kids.

"Give-and-Take" was never an option under Grandpa's era !!
It was more like "disobey-and-face-music" for Yours truly.
However, we need to be firm, when it comes to matters of principles ( 原则 ).

Memories - family project
Kids' love for parents are real, and unconditional.
Although kids will test our patience, they will also tickle you the very next minute.

We blog about our family's growth and experiences.
Our blog captures our memories. (first crawl, first walk, or run etc)

We laughed while reviewing funny episodes.
Hope our readers and friends enjoy reading our story too :)

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