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Monday, April 12, 2010

Bye Bye to N1's Teacher Ling

When we told Yi two weeks ago, that "Teacher Ling is leaving",
he refused to acknowledge, and keep on denying "No" firmly.

Poor boy, we know you are going to miss Teacher Ling.
Afterall, they have been together for a good two years (Almost) , from Toddler to N1.

Teacher Ling's performance has been stellar, and she has a way with kids.
We are very glad that Yi has benefited and grow under her guidance.

Today, when we ask Yi the same question again, he reluctantly nod his head.
(heartache?? like fallen out of love.. keke )

Yi is growing up to be an independent and confident boy.
Thank you Teacher Ling.
You take care, and do visit our blog to get latest gossips on Wen Yi :-)

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