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Sunday, April 11, 2010

PostIT contest - our kiddos love to Act !!

Post-it® Brand has an ongoing campaign to promote
their Post-it® Super Sticky Notes.
Refer to their website for more information --> Post-it® “How You Use It

You can either upload an image or a video, highlighting how you or family use Post-it® Super Sticky Notes creatively :-)

Wow, winners stand to win an iPad !!

Post-it® Super Sticky Notes , we like Yellow and Pink, bright neon colours.

Remember how we used to paste notes everywhere,
so that our toddler can Identify common objects (eg TV, Fan, Table etc etc).
Director Daddy enrolled all four babies to play-act in our video haha.


Look at our video and models, and have a Good laugh :p
even Mei Mei Wen Xin is not spared in our act haha.

Video : SengkangBabies' entry

Daddy and Mummy are proud of the kiddos.
Maybe they can cameo and be cara-fare for Mediacorp next time keke

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