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Monday, April 19, 2010

Qiji Nasi Lemak - Every Sunday !!

Daddy brings Wei and Kang to class every Sunday morning.
And without fail, these two boys will want "Nasi Lemak" breakfast.

Do they get sick of eating same food every week? (must be Set 1 somemore )
**There is even a "Nasi Lemak" wiki article.

In Kovan, the "Nasi Lemaks" in the hawker centres (be it Chinese or Malay stalls)
easily beat Qiji hands down, and are cheaper !!

But boys always choose the "branded" Nasi Lemak (read air condition)
Thus we normally dine at QiJi cool outlet.

Poor Daddy has to share our Nasi Lemak "twice in the morning", every week.
Even if the food is good, it can be an over-indulgence !!

Daddy : Are your kiddos also pestering you to woof down
the same cuisine every day/week?

**above images taken from Qiji website --> http://www.qiji.com.sg

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