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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New Year Reunion dinner, and other traditions

For our families, Reunion dinner (团圆饭) is a simple gathering. To celebrate the new year together, as a Family. Normally, we have two meals (maybe lunch and dinner separately with our maternal, and paternal families)

Luckily, Singapore is small, so get together is no hassle.
In China, you may take 12 hours to reach your hometown,
if you are lucky enough to get air or rail tickets first.

After dinner, we can the watch the TV programmes together, and kids sometime "demand" when they can get their "angpow" (red packets).

If we are adventurous, we can throng ChinaTown to absorb the atmosphere, and crush :) Daddy do not feel energetic to fight with the crowds. Younger Kiddos will likely be traumatised.

Stalls selling all sorts of goodies and decorations.
Pictures taken from eTour

As part of the countdown activities, Fireworks and firecrackers display will be available from midnight onwards, at Chinatown.

Wen Wei ask Daddy what is difference between firecracker and firework?
Kiddos has not seen firecracker in close action before.

Daddy: Firecracker explodes on the ground, whereas fireworks shoot into the sky :p
Video :Let this video explains

The kids normally sleep by 2130. So we do not have a habit of shou-ye (守岁 or 守夜 )

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