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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New year is around the corner, and Chinatown is packed with festive buyers shopping for last minute goodies, and decorations.

Our kiddos would like to take this opportunity to
拜早年, and wish everybody 生体健康.

福到了 (literally means "blessing is here")

We adorn some of this cute decorations on our walls too..
Hopefully, it will bring us some luck and blessings :p

Popular greetings and well-wishes heard around
every corner and mediums (radio, internet, TVs)


Video: Early greetings

Some other CNY icons would be Mandarin oranges, Bak Kwa, and
of course Ang-Pows !! 财神到 (God of fortune)

Firecrackers (artificial) and lion dance goes hand in hand.

How can we do without Mahjongs?

Video : Wen Kang becomes 黃飛鴻 when he hears Lion Dance

Video : Wen Yi is scared of Lion Dance ??
What happens when he see the real thing?

We like this particular deco, as if shows a lot of children smiling away..

Video : Sengkang Kiddos wishes all readers, friends a
Happy Lunar New Year !! May all your wishes come true.

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