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Friday, February 26, 2010

Daddy can be short temper too :-(

Mummy attended a company function this evening,
so Daddy and 奶奶 has to take care of kiddos.

Muse #1 - While driving the kiddos home, 妹妹 Wen Xin coughed and woke up crying in the back seat. Daddy could not stop the car to help, and his helper (Ah Kang) had dozed off @#$#.. Poor Wen Xin has to cry for almost 15 minutes :-(

Muse #2
- When it come to dinner time, Wen Yi is running around, forcing 奶奶to chase after him. Yi recently has a habit of holding the food in his mouth, refusing to swallow !
Luckily, Wei and Kang can quickly finished their dinner before catching Ben10.

Muse #3
- Sleeping hour, Daddy nagged at Wei and Kang to go and rest in their own room. They are reluctant and want to wait for Mummy. Daddy promise Mummy will kiss them in their dreams, after she is back.
But Daddy failed to pacify Wen Xin to sleep. She only wants Mummy's company, and kept crying. Daddy can only hug Xin walk up and down, until she cools down, and sleep on her own :-P

Muse #4
- Wen Yi coughs and Vomit twice. Daddy is upset that Wen Yi has vomited all his undigested rice. This is what happens when kiddos do not seat down and eat a proper meal.

Daddy always look cheerful and soft spoken in blog, but few realised that Daddy is the discipline master at home too. YES, when children cross the Line (after repeated warnings), they will get the cane.

Daddy is not proud of his action, as he always feel guilty after cane treatment.
Loving the kids, does not mean we dispense with discipline.
Discipline (hard or soft) becomes even more critical, when you have a few kids at home. (The younger siblings can quickly mimic and learn from their elder siblings)

Kiddos are sensitive, and will sometimes wonder why they are hold accountable, and not their siblings. We have to explain why discipline is necessary, after child has calm down.

Thanks to our blog, Daddy is really Trying very hard to interact more with kiddos.
Our blog is a reminder and aspiration for Daddy (daddies) to bring smiles (instead of tears) to kiddos.

Mummy's discipline style?
She just keep quiet and ignore the kids (or Daddy), and we know we are in trouble :p
Now, you know who runs SengkangBabies at home haha.

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