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Friday, February 12, 2010

Preview Tickets to Sentosa's Universal Studios

Daddy went to queue for the preview Tickets today...
Universal Studios will be opened for preview
between 14-21Sep from 5pm to 9pm.

**Although rides will not be available yet, this is a novelty idea for us.
Above, the famous Universal Globe icon.

Preview tickets are priced at $10 each,
and can be exchange for meal coupons on day itself.

Actual ticket is $66 adult, and $48 child.

As Daddy was free, he ventures around the compound..

He saw Victoria, and the angels :p

You need a lot of maps and directions to get around.

is hugh, and can be confusing to drive "around".
Too many pillars.

We are looking forward to next Sat's Universal preview treat,
and also LightsUp at Imbiah.

**updated 14Feb
Video : Universal previews officially started

**updated 22Feb --> USS preview --> click here

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