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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Daddy, the uncle, cutting cake

Mummy bought 4 small cakes from EmiCakes
(not cup cakes, small cakes hehe).

Daddy is one year older, but he likes to hear us sing "Happy Birthday" to him.
Why does Daddy keep on insisting we must compliment he is young?

Never mind, For the cakes' sake, we shall patronise Daddy ;p
Kiddos not used to "smaller" cakes hehe.
...digging for the little morsel of chocolate chip or cherry ??

This two boys recently keep calling Daddy "Uncle", or "old-man".
Daddy call them wierd.

We had another cake at 舅舅's place.
舅母 specially bought Daddy a BlackForest cake. Yummy.

Daddy : These are the Emi range of mini cakes, click on mini-cake picture below for catalogue.

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