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Friday, February 5, 2010

Singapore's school going kiddos losing their competitive edge?

Our kids grow up in a comfortable environment.
They do not have to worry about their next meal, or a roof over their head.
Instead, we worry about when we can get the next iPhone, or iTablet, or even which blockbuster will gather the most Oscars.

Parents attend to their children's whinings.
Are we pampering our kiddos too much?
Singaporeans are really fortunate.
We have Rain Shelters and air-condition Bus-Interchanges everywhere.

But are we at risk of losing touch with the "real" world?
A world where children can still live in absolute poverty.
And where children live only for the day, and nobody dreams about their "Aspirations and Future". How many poor kids are fortunate enough to have an education?

In Singapore, are we only good at complaining :p

Read this sobering article from Transitioning.org --> The expats will rule Singapore .
The writer (Adam Khoo) writes about how our next generation are losing their Hunger for success, and Fighting spirit.

How can we encourage our children to step out of their comfort zones?
What will we do to ensure our kiddos grow up to be independent?

@#$ oh no, Daddy, a typical Singaporean, is complaining again !!


  1. great reflection. i agree on your views :)

    Cheers to all Singaporean bloggers,

  2. Thanks Isaac,for your visit and nang.
    Credit to Adam Khoo (from Transitioning).


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