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Monday, September 28, 2009

Checklist for Beach trip

Floating Kit, make a guess who is this cute water baby :)

Sandcastle Kit (shovel)
Courtesy from http://4malmal.com/2009/09/07/toys-for-happy-feet/

Snorkel - our friend . Serious stuff.

Beach ball


Video : testing our goggles..no nudity

Underwater camera
Ear plug for plane? Suspect the propeller plane coud be loud.

Final Verdict, all ready for GoLive on 09Oct.

Now just keep fingers cross,
- Pray for good weather, non-monsoon wind
- and plenty of white sand, waves and fishes.

Daddy : We will be going to Redang with Tan family, who got two kids, Isaac and Chloe.
Uncle Johnny is Daddy and Mummy's mutal friend.
It will be fun to have our friends to help us build a sand castle :)

**Edited 2009Nov : We went Redang on 2009 Oct

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