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Friday, September 11, 2009

big fish tank - relieve your stress

Taking care of the kids can be more stressful than working :p
Especially when they are sick, and need your constant attention.

Daddy cannot remember when was the last time he managed to do his "office-work" efficiently at home, the kids never cease to disturb you !!
I guess working-from-home package is not applicable for me.

Working from Mon to Fri is a bliss, compared to minding the kids over the weekend.
It used to be weekend is relaxing and meant for recuperating, now weekends are packed with activities. Give me strength to lift the kiddos !!

When stress creeps in, take a look at this Big fish tank.
Big is an understatement. Immerse yourself in the song, and swim away :)
Video shot by "http://jonrawlinson.com".
View clip here --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7deClndzQw

The boys are amazed at the wide array of fish, and shark, rays etc.
There are at least 3 Whale sharks in the tank.
And they are asking when they can go to Japan to see this fish tank.
Daddy will tell them wait for Sentosa IR's own aquarium.
With or without the majestic Whale sharks, our fish tank should still be magnificent.

In case the kids do not know what a manta-rays looks like, local bbq stingray version would be easily recgonisable.
Yum yum.

*Stingray pic courtesy of http://www.camemberu.com

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