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Saturday, September 26, 2009

When 大哥 二哥 are in school, I..

While waiting for Kor Kor, Daddy brought me to roam around Caldecott.
Maybe we can spot some starlets, or macho actors?
Luckily, Daddy brought my favourites cars along, to entertain me.

Video : fun with cars

Where is Kor kor? Why so long class still never end?

Video : I love donut

Mummy say Daddy always pampered the cutest.
At this stage, it is Yi. (21 months old)
(but Daddy say Wei and Kang were his favourites before haha)
Nah, the kids will understand, Daddy is fair and treat everybody equally, 不会大小眼.
(at least Daddy hope the kids understand ke ke)

Video: Yi looking for brothers, and finally Daddy enticed him with cars

Daddy : when siblings are not together, they yearn for each other's accompany.
Whey they do get together, petty squabbles, and complains fill the room !!
Daddy and Mummy shake our head together

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