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Friday, September 25, 2009

we are F1 fans :)

Look at the kids, they got very excited over F1's practice run.
Normally TV is off during meals, but Daddy make an exception today.
(actually Daddy want to see haha)

On the way to work today, we saw an emergency.
Wei quickly whipped out Daddy's camera and filmed the fire engine. Siren !! siren.

2008's Red Bull Mark Webber and his NightRace CGI. Still looks cool one year later.

If the boys (or girl) wants to be an F1 driver, we should get them karting first, like what Schumi and Hami did :)

On our way to school, definitely slower than 100Kmh.
Wei is now trained to use Daddy P&S camera.

Daddy : Come 2010, when Sands is ready, maybe hotel rate would be cheaper. We cannot bring the kids to circuit, as sound will be tormenting for the younger ones.
Maybe, we will just book a room? (Mummy can sponsor?)

Too bad Schumi cannot 重出江湖 :p

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