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Friday, September 4, 2009

First week in Infant care - assessment report

雯锌 Princess like to sleep.

Teachers has increase Xin's milk from 150ml to 180ml !!
Is her new environment whetting her appetite :p

Xin is comfortable with new faces, environment, and friends.
We are glad Xin has no problem sleeping in school too.
She is settling down. (keeps finger cross)

Kang like to visit Mei Mei's class..

Teacher Ling has also brought Yi to see his sister.
Yi will gesture why someone is carrying Mei Mei? (Teacher Nancy)

Wei is always entertaining his friends, no time for Mei Mei :(

Report book : so far so good. Xin sleeps and eat well.
Pass with flying colours. Mummy award Ah Xin a Rainbow.

妹妹加油 !!

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