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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Think Sushi, Think Sakae

Logo --> Think Sushi, Think Sakae, this slogon is very catchy.
Our kids are Sakae fans, and we affectionately call Sakae "Frog Frog".

The "train" and "mouse" are always keeping our boys busy.
Wei will lookup for his crab roll.

Click on picture collage below to checkout our favourites.

Our experiences :
Since a toddler, Wei (6 years old) has always savour his Sakae trips,
and he is not a Wasabi virgin !! Bravo clap clap.

We enjoy the bentos.. especially the rice, which is soft and fragrant.
(can you image the Unagi gravy dripping down the rice??)

However, our family is not really keen on Sashimi.
Between, have you seen anybody drinking beer or sake before?

Our favourite outlet in order, are CompassPoint, HarbourFront and T3 Teppanyaki.
For T3, kids are glued to the chef, when he toss/slice/chop/swipe/ and finally serve our food .. Live performance.

Wishlist and feedback
1) Why is Sakae membercard not applicable for takeaways? Sometimes we prefer to order the party trays to eat in comfort, at home.
**edited 12Oct - Sakae Management has accepted this proposal. Hurray !!

2) When will CompassPoint outlet promotes 50% discount after 2130?
We want to give Sakae more business :p

3)We hope outlets will have wider corridors, to accomodate strollers.

Reference -->
- pictures are taken from Sakae website http://www.sakaesushi.com.sg/
- If you blog about Sakae, you stand a chance to win $50 vouchers
- Check out Sakae's facebook entry -->

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