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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Honda,Toyota,Nissan,Merz,BMW,Fiat,Renault,Ford etc

During Wei's one week at home, cars and maps kept him busy.

Whichever brand you got, Wei can name the car for you.

This boy has been fascinated by cars since young.
Wei was always looking at the big wheels of buses or lorries when Daddy overtake them.

*Police, Fire Engines, Ambulance and cranes never cease to capture his attention.
His fascination, and good memory allows him to recite the car brands effortlessly.

Poor boy staying at home, after he has finish his homework, he will feel bored.
Luckily, he got his carpark full of cars to keep him entertainment.

Yi is also from same mould, thus they always fight over same cars !!!

Wei has also shown interest in Geography recently.
He enjoys looking at a Globe, and trying to find out countries' location.
Google Earth also helps us to gather interesting facts :)

His activities or questions :
-Why Singapore so small cannot see on map ?
-Wei is also confused about continents and countries.
-Why Russia straddles two continent?
-Is Australia in Asia? Oceania
-Why North/South pole so cold? and how compass true North helps us to navigate (topo in army lingo)

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