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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where is SengKang? Google Earth

We have been living in Sengkang (SK) since 2001.

Situated in north eastern part of Singapore, SK used to be a fishing village with abundant poultry/pig/vegetable farms.
History --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sengkang_New_Town

That explains why a lot of architecture (buildings and murals) incorporates fishes, marine life, and ships. Eg Compass Point for pirates--> refer Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Compass_Point_Shopping_Centre_2,_Apr_06.JPG

Look what Google earth show?
Since Daddy is finding Wei's primary school/s, we noted down their locations.

Old photos
wip Sengkang Central

NanQiao Sec

What do we have in our neighbourhood?

Swimming, at new Anchorvale CC

Fly kites

RiverSide garden
Hougang park
Punggol beach (feels nostalgic)
Sculture park
Coney island (future)
Visit Firestation on Sats
Visit farms around Jalan Kayu

Further afield
Lower Pierce reservoir
Mandai zoo, and night Safari
Ikea, Giant and Courts

So many things to do, no wonder the boys are so jovial.

Jalan Kayu
Chomp Chomp
The old Seletar Hill


Good MRT and LRT connections
Well connected to TPE, and CTE, and KPE tunnel
More information - http://www.sengkang.com/

Daddy: When Daddy/Mummy fist move here, no LRT, no MRT, and no markets/malls !! After a few years, all the babies start popping up around SK and Punggol.
Maybe no entertainment, so parents sleep early hee hee :p

===== ==== === ===
Some other fun things we did with GoogleEarth.

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