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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Natas 2009 - Redang, here we come

Four little kiddos will be frolicking in the sand come Oct :)
We book ourselves a little holiday on Pulan Redang, Terengganu (Malaysia).

On a side note, make a guess who resembles who in Passport pictures above :p
Only Wei and Kang accompany Mummy/Daddy to Natas 2009 at Expo.
We enjoy collecting all the brochures and flyers from the vendors hee hee.

Oh, and we boarded the luxury 25 VIP seaters !! Cool.
Although Daddy/Mummy will never take a 8hour coach up north to Peninsula Malaysia again ! We will be flying from Seletar Airport to Rendang island in under 90 minutes.. yipee.

In the evening, Daddy share his memories with us.
Mummy and Daddy were in Redang 10 years ago in 1999.
Dating and feeding the fishes goes hand-in-hand keke.

Daddy : Back then, the waters were crystal clear, and the sands white.
Shoals of fishes will "attack" us when we feed them bread.
This trip will mark a milestone for us, can we survive 4D3N with the kids ??
(Paradise or torture trip for us adult ??)

References : Please visit this website http://www.redang.org/ " for everything you need to know about Redang. The gallery/Forum sections will make sure you book the next flight to Redang !!

We book a package through Berjaya direct, air-wing --> https://www.berjaya-air.com/

**Edited 2009Nov : Read our experience at Redang 2009 Oct !!


  1. did not see any redang package at $328 from https://www.berjaya-air.com/

    I had took leave on oct too...wana go holiday too leh.

    when u going ?

  2. hi johnny, we going 09-12Oct.
    Try calling them at 62273688 to request for Natas-rate.

    Oct is non-peak season, and Nov-Feb is Monsoon.


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