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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wei is Influenza A (H1N1) positive

Oh no, this flu finally found it's way to our home.
And Wei is the host :(
Although he is smiling for the camera, his appetite is still not good.

It started with two nights of persistent fever, reaching 39.1
30Jul - Wei Fever
31Jul - Kang also got fever in school
02Aug - Wei's blood test and xray report confirms our worst fear

Tamiflu treatment for Wei

We have to monitor Wei with this Tamiflu tablets, in case he gets some side-effects.
Google "Tamiflu side effect kids" and you get reports of kids with side-effects, like nausea, insomnia and even nightmare.

So far, Wei is responding well to treatment, and no hallucination from him.
We still ask him to wear his mask to prevent cross-contamination.
Luckily, these two boys and Mei mei are still ok. (keeping fingers crossed)

Daddy : This H1n1 or Influenza A is no different from our common flu.
Onset of virus is cough, fever, running nose etc.
During any fever outbreak, parents can only give paracetamol or bruffen, and sponge.. and PRAY he breaks sweat.

We are lucky that Wei's case is considered mild, and does not require hospitalisation.
However, the worrying thing is we cannot confirm where he first got infected.!!!

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