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Friday, August 7, 2009

How do we celebrate National Day ? 09Aug

Flags, fLags , and more flAgs :)

Small flags from Nai Nai. We got three, so no need to fight.
Hop on and start waving.

It will be traffic chaos when Mei Mei start to join in the convoy :p

Yi rolling away on his favourite Lorry.

Kang full of expression and actions !!

Kang seems happy with himself..cheeky grin..
All, Fall in and Wave.
Yi just follow his elder brothers, even though he might not understand Daddy's intention.
Video : Contingent march past.. this was funny, and the kids were game haha.

flag ($5 from ikea vendor) - Even our car got one flag.

Big flag
- saying our pledge (We the Citizen of ...)
We improvised Singapore flag onto clothes hangar, and ensure the fan is blowing for Wave-effect. Credits rolling...
-Mummy flashcard the pledge, for Wei to recite.
-Wei is 男主角 (male lead)
-Kang is Motivator (swing your flag higher)
-Yi as Carafare.
-Daddy is director.

Video : This is the result. Can go Cannes or not?

Director's cut : We nearly NG (no good), as Wei complain Kang hit him with the flag halfway through recording :p

Yi falls down..very comical. His buttock got stuck.
And where is Xin Xin? She is our Number 1 Fan.
Maybe she thinks we never eat medicine, something wrong haha.
At least she was entertained (or maybe bewildered), and did not cry :p

Daddy : Come Sunday, we hope good weather prevail, no haze, then maybe we can sing Majulah with the polar bears and orang utans :)

References for Majulah Singapura and Pledge -->
Video :On actual 09Aug - we sing the pledge at 08:22PM.

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