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Saturday, August 29, 2009

me not a boy, I am a girl

Mummy dress Xin in Kor Kor's clothes.
No wonder, people can mistake her for a boy.
We really have to find her some dresses, and feminine toys :)

Mei Mei, do you know you are going to Infant school next week?
Big girl already, must learn to adapt and be independent ok.
Time flies, Xin is 3 months old already.

Video : Mummy rock-a-baby

Video : Xin push up, neck exercise

Video : teasing, how come wear boy's clothes?

Mummy: We will miss Wen Xin, and we are worried whether she will quickly settle down to new teacher, environment :)

But it will be quite a sight to have 4 kiddos in same school premises running/crawling around :p
The teachers cannot call them Boon-brothers anymore hee hee.

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