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Thursday, August 20, 2009

it is the seventh month

sssh ..it is that time of the year again ... we cannot mention the word Ghos..t.
Daddy will nag this and that, then say "宁可信奇有".

- if stranger calls you from behind, do not turn around

- Do not step on the "burnt" incense marks on the ground

* No urinating into incense burnt patch, if you need to spilt or urinate, say "excuse me" first

- Go see getai, do not seat front rows

- No swimming, or something will Pull you !!

- Do not stay out too late

- no Whistling after xxxx hours..

- if you hear marble rolling on the floor after midnight from neighbour on top, do not go and investigate ??

**do not bend down and look behind during this month !! Try and tell me what you see !!

The list goes on .. and on..

Daddy got so many ground rules, and legacy beliefs, and he say is is traditional.
We say Daddy is superstitious :p

Wishing everybody 出路平安

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