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Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Blood Donor Day Singapore - Daddy got a bronze

Last Saturday, Singapore celebrated "World Blood Donor Day" at Clifford.
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Daddy has donated 25 times, and is supposed to get a plague :p

Daddy receiving the token from Ms Indranee Rajah.
There were more than 100 recipients.. hip hip hooray !

Wen Wei and Daddy had fun taking photographs for each other

But these tattoos must be our best activities on that day. Cool !
Too bad, Daddy cannot find Decepticon sticker.

Balloons were everywhere

After visiting the carnival booths , we had some snacks at the Bund.
Wondering why there so many unclaimed luggage?

With the new Marina Sands as backdrop,
we walk along Clifford towards Merlion.

Wei wanted to ride the NFC bicycle

In 2009, we celebrated Blood Donor Day at at BirdPark.
Maybe Wei knows more about blood-donation now ?

Interested to be a donor? Click on DonorWeb link.
You can help save a life today.


  1. wow 25 times? that's epic! i only donated twice myself :p

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  2. 1 year 4 times. You need 10 years.
    Some uncles over 100 times liao, steady !

  3. **foot print**
    25times???!!!!! I never once donated..!!
    Omg... i can't imagine i still got the cheek to say..! **Ashame**
    Nanged and clicked on your adv.!
    DO visit mine.!
    Cya around..! Thanks... :)

  4. thks Kelly, visited your energetic blog too :)


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