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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vote my Daddy to a spa, Asmara Spa!

Kiddos nominate Daddy to be "yan dao" at Asmara Lifestyle.
Asmara is a Spa wellness centre, situated in Bishan Park.

To celebrate Father's Day,
Asmara is looking for outstanding Dads in the following categories :

- Most dedicated dad
- Handsomest dad
- Super single-dad
- Most excited soon-to-be dad

Our introduction...
Our Daddy wants us to call him yan-dao :p
He says yan-dao mean "young".
Ok, we believe him, and upload his photo for a chance to win a Aramsa Spa package.
We are nominating Daddy under "Handsomest dad", since we did not find any "young" category :p

Father's day is coming, maybe Daddy's face need some scrub and luxurious massage.

Being handsome, is in the eyes of the beholders.
But in kiddos' eyes, Daddy and Mummy always look nice.

How do you support us?

1. Go to Asmara's Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Asmara-Lifestyle/118402898195913?ref=mf

2. Click On Photos, and you should see Daddy's photo. Click.

3. Click on "Like" . The winner is the post with most "Likes"
I would appreciate if you can drop some comments too :p

4. Dateline is 17June.

..ps.. sorry if Daddy is mushy, or if he has upset your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Did you not read our disclaimer? keke

Happy reading, and have a good laugh along the way ! !

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