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Monday, June 28, 2010

our Nikon D5000 review

After 2 weeks, 1000 photos, and 1 holiday trip...
Daddy is very satisfied with our camera.

- camera did not disappoint under dim lightings
- or when kids are running, we can capture their expressions easily
- now we need more shots on macros, and night shoots

Some samples shots are showcased in this blog.
Please leave your comments on how I can improve my composition.

Not going back to P&S anytime soon :p

If you are still considering whether to go for P&S or DSLR, take the plunge.
We did, and have no regrets.

There are no bad DSLR camera, only lazy photographer.
So do not blame the camera when the image did not turn out as expected :p

Read our DSLR selection criteria already?

If all fails.. order this book haha

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