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Monday, June 28, 2010

who is selling Cheese cake?

Did Wen Xin smells the cheese?
She sneaks into the kitchen, mouthing mum-mum, mum-mum
(give me food !)

Now, we know who are the bigger mice in our house.
Xin's sibling have been gobbling on some yummy cheese cake.

Xin did not get any crumbs from her bros,
so she head to the food source (Mummy). pretty Smart gal ...

And she was rewarded...

ooops.. Daddy has not introduced our Mummy baker yet.
Mummy was inspired by Auntie Shirley to make some
Oreo cheesecake for the kiddos.

..and she spend a good few hours in the early morning..
to prepare the ingredients... labour of love.

Notice this weighing device is marked appropriately "Use for Family".

The end result?
Everybody is happy with Mummy's effort,
and planted out cheesy lips on her keke



  1. Cool! is that the baked version or no-bake cheesecake?? I don't have an oven.. so I tried a few version of the no-bake version. Very nice. If got any no bake version.. can share share recipe. hehehe


  2. Your daughter name wen xin? !!! My chinese name also wen xin..! 文馨 my name..!! she is sooooo cute..!!!

  3. hello phoebe, ours is no bake :p

  4. hi Kelly :) which Wen Xin cute? keke


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