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Friday, June 11, 2010

CMA - Mental Arithmetic - 3rd National Olympia

Wen Wei participated in CMA's Arithmetic and Mental exams on 30May.
He came in fourth and fifth in two categories, and he is
proud of his own accomplishment :)

Before the exam starts, we roam around Expo to look at the education exhibits.

When Exam starts, Parents are more anxious then the kids :)

You think this is chicken Feet? only for young kids?
Wait till you see this human calculators in action. Amazing !

Wei's teacher, Mr Lam, who is always patient and helpful. Thanks.

During this Maths Olympia, a six year old little girl got into Singapore's Books of Records.
She nows holds the record for fastest 10-digits addition.
Oh, and six years old is only Kindergarden 2 !!

She has to practise 2 hours daily. In comparison, Wen Wei only practice 20 mins daily :)
Different league.

We came across a clown, Uncle Fishy, who happens to be a real Scientist !!

More about CMA --> click http://www.cma-sg.com/
Their motto -- Creating Great Minds

CMA teaches arithmetic and abacus skills to kids when they are young. Both left and right brain are stimulated, and as kids get use to the algorithm or logic, their minds start calculating automatically. As a result, children become more alert, and pick up skills faster.


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