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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wei's Meet Teacher session - no exams for Nan Qiao Pri 1

Mummy and Daddy drop by to meet Wen Wei's form teacher Ms Irene Yeo last Thursday. This is our first teacher meet parents session for Nan Qiao.

Mummy has been coaching Wei since he joins Primary one.
Wei is normally hardworking, and accomplished his assignments on time.
(although we sometimes have to nag nag nag )

Character and Personality
Teacher mentioned that Wei is helpful, and able to articulate himself.
Helpful and cheerful boy.

But he can be talkative at times.
And Teacher wants Mummy and Daddy to help monitor Wei's non-sensical outbreaks.
When Wei is with his buddies, they tend to sprout nonsense.
(Daddy prefers talk-cork-sing-song)

Peers will boost each other's courage,
and the boys can sometimes be too rowdy for the poor class monitress :)

Mummy and Daddy will pay more attention to Wei.
We know Wen Wei can sometimes Yell at his siblings (especially Wen Kang), when they are contending for same thing.


Wen Wei's continual assessment are quite good, except comprehension.
His Pri 1 peers also perform poorly in comprehension, as they tend to answer in single word, instead of proper sentence. (the phone text sms-generation?)

Do you know that Nan Qiao is one of the 16 Primary schools which skip SA1?
- how do we access his school assessments?
- will children without SA1 and SA2 be disadvantaged when they have their exams later on?

As this is a new MOE initiative, we, together with other parents,
are also curious and anxious.
How will children's progress be affected, benefits?
No one will know until a few years later :)

Personally, we prefer this New no-exams, but continual assessment Mode.
- We are supposed to be updated more frequently on children's' progress
- and no Exam stress (yes, parents are often more stressed than children during exam period)

Hopefully, less route memory work for children, and more opportunities to think out of the box. After all, in life, we are faced with different challenges every now and then.

For more information on MOE's new holistic-assessment approach, read up :
- http://www.moe.gov.sg/initiatives/peri/updates/

**updated 25Jul2010
No exams Pri 1, but SA2 for Pri 2 applies

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