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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wen Xin, 9months old, can stand, is petite but her pinch..

Wen Xin 雯锌 is already 9 months old,
and she can now squat and stand quite confidently.
Her favourite pass time is crawling and chasing her brothers
around our house.

Time flies
Yesterday, she was our little bundle
Today she is standing
Tomorrow, she will walk
Next week she will wrestle with siblings

Video : Stand and Squat, still shaky

If you see Xin 雯锌 for the first time, you will believe she is
soooo cute, so petite, so harmless. Beware, this cutie is armed with
two deadly weapons &^#$
She will pull your hair or spectacles, or she will PINCH you.
When Xin is sleepy, her thumb and index will Pinch you and Twist.
Even her teachers are wary of her Pinch and Twist.
Mummy already got a lot of bruises :p

Video : Stand and Eat

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- Xin with Root Beer, and Fridge
Xin kekeke giggling

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