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Friday, March 12, 2010


Once upon a time, the descriptive "Go-Fly-Kite" (GFK)
did not mean flying kite (literally).

When people ask you go fly kite.. it means you are not taken seriously.
Maybe lacks honesty, or you are idling. It is never meant as a Compliment keke. (now you know why Daddy's title GFK is in CAPS!! )

Today, kite flying is big business, kites can cost anywhere from $10 to $500 !!
Look around any open Green space, you will see families picnic and flying kites.

Look at all these professional kite sites :
- http://buy-kites.blogspot.com/2009/09/kites-accessories.html
- http://layanginthesky.blogspot.com

Earlier, Daddy went jogging around Sengkang armed with only with $10 budget to buy a kite. It was lame, because there are no more kites below $8 in Singapore haha.
Daddy was still trying to convince kiddos that kites in his era only cost $0.20 !!
Yeah, like real :p

Tomorrow, when you graduate from kites.. maybe we can try even bigger ballons?
..photos from this amazing site --> http://www.xarj.net/2009/crazy-hot-air-balloon-pics

**updated 13Aug2010.. our virgin kite flying experience

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