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Saturday, March 27, 2010

T3 Kiddy rides again- with our cousins

We were at T3 two weeks ago, and we decide to make a beeline for the tracks again. But this round, we brought some reinforcements (our cousins Kara and Joley) to attack the kiddy rides.
The two oldest boys upgraded to F1 circuit.
Wei got his Trek, and Kang a Yellow F1.

Video : bigger rides

Yi and Kara stayed on the "basic- L-plate" circuit keke.
Nevertheless, Kara and Joley had a jolly good time.

Video : smaller rides . Yi's Harley is cool.

All the parents followed their kiddos on the Tracks...
and we help to salvage the cars when they get hit-and-runs.

Video : Wei's ride can drift, but F1s still faster

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