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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finally, a girly toy for our Princess

Friends following our blog, would notice our home only has toy cars, trains, and other boylish/rugged toys.
Poor Wen Xin (our little sister) does not have barbies, or Dora etc.

Well, we open one of her belated X'mas present today (after 2 months ).
A 5-star Kitty Kitchen set Wow !!

But Xin did not look really enthusiastic.
She was more curious about the Kitty Box, and the boys??
They took over her Kitchen &#2@#$$! !

On another occasion, our kiddos (glutton) helping themselves to delicious Durians.
Even Wen Xin could not resist Durian aroma.

In case you are wondering, Xin had tasted Durians while
she was still in Mummy's tummy..

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