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Monday, March 15, 2010

Dads for Life - activites

A.C.T, "Dads For Life" wants more Daddies to be active parents.
Join their Fan club for latest activities.

We have registered for Canon's photography at Barrage for some photography tips.
Click on Canon website for additional venues/dates, and registration details.

19Mar - Fort Canning
20Mar - Marina Barrage
21Mar - Singapore Discovery Centre

Our kiddos just need Daddies/Mummies to spend a BIT more time with them everyday. Listen to their stories, ask how their childhood are evolving in school, and share their woes or complains :-p
Read a story book, share a meal, watch a cartoon. It can be any activity, as long as it allows for interaction, and bonding.

's 2010 commitment to kiddos : (one step at a time)

- learn Swim (done Oct2009)
- cycle ?
- fly kite ?
- go Library (done Feb2010)
- soccer ?
- skate ?

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